Come and join us for the 31st Annual benefit for the Yuba-Sutter Children's Type 1 Diabetes Support Group.

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2016 Bike around the Buttes
Date and time of event: 
April 16,2016
Event location: The Ride begins at the Sutter Youth Organization Building.  Click here for more information.

Our helpful staff is available Monday through Thursday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.
Captivating Sports Photos will be on the scene again taking photos of the event. Wear your best smile and visit their booth after the ride to order photos! Online orders are also available!
Registration Now Open!

*2016 Jersey's*

CYCLING JERSEYS are available for pre-order through registration on or by calling us at 530-763-4171! If you would like to wear your jersey or t-shirt on the day of the ride, make sure you get your order placed! We will have the jerseys & t-shirts available for pickup at preregistration. 
Limited quantities will be available for sale on the day of ride at our merchandise booth.

~the Bike around the Buttes Staff~

*SAFETY REMINDER: If your child is riding with you and under 18, PLEASE stay together. And PLEASE ride in a single line and respect drivers on the road. Thank you! 
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April 16, 2016
The Buttes are calling you!The Question is.........
Are you ready to ride?
Bike around the Buttes
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