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Bike around the Buttes started in 1985 by a man named Leroy Ervin, who had type 2 diabetes. The original ride was from Yuba City to the Redding/Red Bluff area, but it was quickly deemed to be too long and intense for the average rider. We are keeping the ride active and local! Today’s ride consists of four courses around the Sutter Buttes. We have a 20, 40, 70, and a 100 mile course. Our ride comes with ample rest stops along the way, support and gear vehicles in case of emergency, and includes a lunch and live music after the ride.  All proceeds stay locally and  benefit people who live with diabetes in our community.

                                           The Cute 20 (20 mile course)  Start Time: 8:30 to 10:00 AM

                                          This New short route is great for families and beginners who are  looking for a little a bit of
                                          challenge! You’ll start out rolling east to ride a portion of a bike trail then enjoy the verdant 
                                          scenery through the open countryside south of the Buttes. There is one Rest Stop half-way
                                          around to refuel before your climb over the Pass Rd summit and the fun descent back down
                                          into Sutter and the finish line Festivities! 

                                                           20 mile GPS link

                               The Classic 40  (40 mile course)   Start Time: 7:30 to 8:30 AM

                                          This route is improved for 2022 and has two New Rest Stops sites! You’ll start out heading
                                          northwest for the gentle early morning climb over Pass Rd and the expansive views of the
                                          valley out to the west. Turn north and enjoy your fellow rider’s comradery on this clockwise
                                          tour all the way around “The World’s Smallest Mountain Range!” The new second stop is
                                          now in a shady park in Live Oak and the 2 well-spaced rest stops will keep you well-fueled
                                          for your return to your well-earned finish line Festivities!

                                                                         40 mile GPS link 

                               The Challenging 70 (70 mile course)   Start Time: 6:30 to 7:30 AM

​                                         Also New for 2022, this route is designed for those strong talented riders who just don’t want 
                                         to do 101 miles! You’ll start out heading south then out west to traverse some new roads for
                                         BATB with amazing levee-top views of the Buttes! The first of four well-spaced rest stops is at
                                         the Lions Hall in Meridian. From there, you’ll return back east and north to your second rest
                                         stop back in Sutter! Next, you’ll enjoy beautiful Pass Rd and swing north for your tour around
                                         “The World’s Smallest Mountain Range!” Two more rest stops, along with all the scenery you
                                         can handle, will fuel the second half of your ride back to the finish line Festivities!

                                                         70 mile GPS link

                                                   The Century ( 100 mile course)  Start Time: 6:00 to 6:30 AM

                                         Start your challenging day by heading northwest to roll over the Pass Rd summit as the sun
                                         rises behind you. Turn north for your initial orbit of the Buttes and the first of six well-spaced
                                         rest stops at mile 15. Your morning tour portion will pass quickly as you roll into Live Oak,
                                         then head south to your third stop back down in Sutter. Now it’s your turn to head down to the
                                         rest stop at Lions Hall in Meridian, with views of the Buttes to the north, both over and back!
                                        Travel north on W. Butte Rd, to take on your second Buttes circumnavigation and you’ll enjoy
                                        refueling at the first two rest stops for a second time! Then you can head for your well-
                                        deserved delicious finish line meal after your odometer rolls past 100 miles!

                                                                     100 mile GPS link 

                                                                      PRINTED MAPS AND CUE SHEETS WILL BE PROVIDED AT RIDER CHECK-IN


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